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Current list of Ratings:

I'm not a huge fan of making things over and over again, but every once in a while there is that dish that is an exception to that rule. Dishes rated at an "A" are amazing, fabulous, decadent, and something I could eat over and over.

A dish with a "B" rating is still a very good dish, and I recommend that you try it. I actually do make several "B" dishes over and over again on a regular basis. The only thing keeping these from an "A" rating is they are just not quite to that "oh wow amazing" level, or they are just missing a little "something".

A dish with a "C" rating is most likely one that I will not make again. It's not exactly a bad dish per se, but it's not one I'll want again any time soon.

It is very rare that I give any dish a "D" rating (and I have yet to give out a "F"). The only way for a dish to receive this rating is for it to turn out disastrous, or ending up very disappointing.


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