Monday, January 28, 2008

Yay! I'm going to KC!

So I finally talked Adam into going out to Kansas City to finalize some things with our vendors for our wedding. I'm so excited! We are finally going to be getting our engagement pics taken -- I am so jealous of everyone else's pics.

Oh yes, and other great news. I randomly showed my mom the pocketfold invitations (prefacing it with "I never showed you these because I thought they would be too expensive...") and she absolutely loved them. She thought they were so much better than my previous invite mock-up. How awesome is that? I should have just showed them to her from the get-go and let her tell me if they were too expensive. We both ordered a sample kit to play with, so we'll see what she thinks when she actually sees it in person. ::crossing my fingers!::

Laura just about killed me at the gym tonight... Juan told her to bring her swimsuit home with her to Puerto Rico so now she's all freaking out. So we did 40 min on the ellipitcal... which equated to about 4.7 miles for me -- which I haven't done since the summer. I am going to be sore tomorrow. Oh well, just working off all those cupcakes I have been eating as of late. (I'll make a new post with the amazing recipe.) I really need to quit pigging out... I'm going to regret it in 5 months!

5 months! I can't believe it -- it's crazy that I'm getting married this year, not "oh, next summer..." It's this summer! I do think, however, that I've got most things under control, which is good, because I just don't want to be stressed out over this. It's supposed to be fun, right?


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