Sunday, January 11, 2009

Broccoli with Peppered Parmesan

So for Thanksgiving, I figured I should actually put together a meal, not just an entree for once. While the Beef Tenderloin would have been just fine by itself, seeing as it was Thanksgiving I figured I needed a side -- and I figured this out ON Thanksgiving. Which doesn't really work so hot when it comes for needing ingredients.

I had frozen broccoli, I had parmesan, and I had cracked black peppercorns from the beef, so... why not? This quick and easy combo actually turned out really nice, and complemented the beef quite nicely.

Broccoli with Peppered Parmesan
Original Recipe

1/2 lb. broccoli
3 tbsp. butter
1 tsp. cracked black pepper
3/4 c. Parmesan cheese

Melt butter in a medium skillet over medium heat. Add broccoli and saute for about 6 minutes or until cooked through. Add cheese and pepper, stirring until cheese melts.

Serves: 4

We rated it (and my parents made it later and gave it this rating too):

Nutrition Facts
Amount per serving
Calories 178Calories from fat 128
% Daily Value
Total Fat 14.2g22%
Saturated Fat 8.7g44%
Cholesterol 39mg13%
Sodium 367mg15%
Total Carbs 4.9g2%
Dietary Fiber 1.6g6%
Sugars 1.1g
Protein 9.0g
Vitamin A 14%Vitamin C 84%
Calcium 24%Iron 4%


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