Monday, March 26, 2012

Half Marathon Training: Week #11

Oh my goodness! I can't believe week 11 has already flown by and now it's on to the final week! The week overall turned out much better than expected, though there were definitely hiccups along the way.

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 5 mile run
While still not an awesome run, and there was still a bit of prodding to get myself not to cut it short, it was definitely an improvement from last week.

Tuesday: 10 x 400m speed work
After getting my legs properly warmed up during the first few 400's, the remaining one kind of flew by and I felt like I could have added on one or two more. Definitely surprising after the way I've been feeling the past few weeks.

Wednesday: 3.4 mile run

Thursday: Rest
Seeing as we had a full weekend scheduled and the weather was supposed to be crappy on Saturday, we bumped our long run up a day. Bye bye 50 minute tempo run.

Friday: 8 mile run
Annnnnd then the whole "great week of training" took a sharp nosedive. Right around mile 3. Right when I totally regretted not bringing my hydration belt because, oh I've done this mileage before without water and was fine even though it's at least 30 degrees hotter. Maybe 40. That was a brilliant maneuver.

And to think. I was actually feeling good in the beginning. But by mile 3 I was getting thirsty in that 85 degree heat. I ignored it the best I could, chowing down on some shot blocks around the 4-5 mile mark, borrowing some water from my running buddy to wash them down. I wanted to chug the entire bottle. (But I didn't.)

I hit mile 6 and I knew I couldn't keep the pace up. I stole a few more sips of water before slowing my pace down a bit. Mile 7 just proved to be even worse -- I could feel my mouth was ridiculously sticky from the shot blocks and my lips felt like they were beyond dry. Kind of gross actually. I knew I wasn't going to make 10 miles. I decided to make myself hit at least 8 before calling it quits.

Right about the turnaround point halfway through mile 7 my body just started shutting down. I felt like I was moving through molasses and had to fight really hard to keep from walking. How on earth I ended that final mile with a 9:30 pace I will never know. Needless to say, I took down a TON of water after shuffling my way back to the car.

Saturday: Rest

Can I just reiterate the fact I can't believe that the half is almost here? I'm a little on the nervous side (especially since by training has been lacking the past few weeks), yet a little on the relieved side. I'm definitely ready to get the show on the road and see how it turns out. Guess I'll find out in a few days!


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