Monday, March 12, 2012

Half Marathon Training: Week #9

As much as I wanted this week to be a 180 turnaround from last week, it just... simply.wasn't. It was more of an extension of the same tiredness and lack of motivation -- all the more reason I'm glad I chose a half marathon instead of a full to train for right now.

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 5 mile easy run

Tuesday: 9 x 400 speed work + Strength
Unfortunately, I had the same issue getting started with my speed work as last time. The first couple sets my legs felt tired and stiff and fairly uncooperative. Luckily, I made it to the halfway point before I started getting too antsy, which made counting down the sets a little more bearable.

It didn't help that I decided to eat an apple right before we left for the gym either. Apples and I do not have a very good relationship when it comes to pre-workout food. I end up with something along the lines of heartburn, but not quite. I keep telling myself that apples = bad (before a workout), now I need to start listening to my own advice.
Therefore, eating an apple before a run =
Let's take a closer look, shall we?
It's settled. No more apples before working out. For real this time.

Wednesday: 3.4 mile run
Definitely feeling the speed work from the day before.

Thursday: Indoor Soccer Game + Strength
I originally had a tempo run planned for today on top of my soccer game, but my body was honestly just dragging. Okay, and the fact that it was raining might have been an extra deterrent, but that's beside the point. Knowing that I was making a large (2.5 mile) jump in my long run this weekend kind of just sealed the deal for me -- I was simply going to rest and not go overboard with the training like last week. Even though it was kind of killing me inside that I wasn't going to get in one of my "key" workouts.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 13 mile run
I really wasn't sure what to expect out of myself going into the run today. My hamstrings were tight (which has been pretty par for the course the past couple weeks), and the first few miles I felt sluggish and not in my "running rhythm". Not quite as bad as the previous week, but still, not how I'd like to be feeling.

I also added on a new friend this week for the run --
I decided to try out a hydration belt for the half. Last time I bought one (while training for a full marathon), it only had one bottle and bounced around like there was no tomorrow. Let's just say that one went back right away. I did kind of fuss around with the placement of the belt -- on the hips? or on the waist? I ended up going for the waist although it still puts pressure on my stomach which wasn't too noticeable until the end of our run. The hip placement felt better, except the bottles still bounced like crazy and felt like it was messing with my gait a bit.

Oh!Oh! And... the iMapMyRun app and I are no longer on speaking terms after this long run. I used to love this app since it had voice feedback, and it automatically updated my workouts online and I could go back through and see my pace at various parts of my run. Well.
Seriously? I mean, we're not even close here. It wasn't even just one random point off in the wrong spot like it usually is, the entire run was messed up. I'm tired of having to go back in and fix almost, and it's no longer reliable to depend on to make sure I'm running the correct distance. Heaven forbid I switch up the route mid-run and I haven't mapped it out ahead of time. It's time to move on.

So anyways. This week. A little two step shuffle of the workouts is in order since I need to get in my long run on Friday (rather than Sat). Hopefully, hopefully, my legs are feeling a little more fresh this week.


  1. Good week. FWIW, I'm having a little bit of a tough time right now, too. And your graphics are killing me. LOL!

  2. I just found your blog and am really enjoying it. Especially since you and I seem to be doing a fairly similar training plan, although mine is for a 10 mile race.

    I too, have been fighting fatigue for the last week. Not sure why, but hoping it gets better for both of us.



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