Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kitchen Must-Haves

As I was busy in the kitchen today making even more cookies, I got to thinking about all the little (or not so much) gadgets and things that make things so much easier and a breeze in the kitchen. Well, as long as they're clean anyways.

Things I just can't live without. Or, until I have to, and then I suck it up while pouting.

Multiple sets of quality measuring cups and spoons. Because let's face it, your recipe just called for you to add 1 teaspoon vanilla, then 1 teaspoon baking soda. (I kind of wish they sold these separately, as my teaspoons keep running off...)

The often overlooked pastry blender. An absolute must for pie crusts and crumbles.

The cookie dough scoop. I totally grew up using the two-spoon method, but after having one of these -- it makes life so much easier. (Not to mention my cookies all the right size!)

A kitchen scale. It's not just for those looking for portion control -- weighing out ingredients is far more accurate than measuring cups. Not to mention it works wonders with hard to measure ingredients (such as meat or veggies).

A meat thermometer -- rock it old school, or get fancy with a wireless programmable one. Either way, it's crucial for knowing when that awesome pork tenderloin is ready to come out of the oven.

Pastry bags and and couple tips. You don't have to go buck wild here, but having a few large tips (such as a 2D or 1M) make frosting cupcakes a breeze -- not to mention make them look all fancy. Oh, and I prefer the disposable bags. Makes for a lot easier clean up.

The stand mixer. What else can I say besides "love"? Maybe how awesome it is I can let it whip eggs while I go work on something else. No need to stand around holding the mixer.

If you give a mouse a cookie... you'll have to have some accessories to go with that mixer... like a Beater Blade or an extra bowl.

So tell me, what makes your life easy in the kitchen?


  1. Great ideas! I just added 2 more to my list!

  2. What a great list! They are all must haves!
    I need to try that beater blade for the mixer, mine doesn't have the extra scraper on it.

  3. These are all wonderful items to put on a Christmas Wish List :-)

  4. Love everything on the list. The only thing I don't use is my meat probe. No idea why but I should start. I have one that attaches right to my stove. I've had the stove 4 years and never used it. Silly.

  5. A beater blade and a scale our top on my list for this year. I hope Santa is listening.



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