Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy 50th Birthday to Me!!

Okay, well, not to me, but to my blog. I just hit the 50th post mark!

I realize that 50 posts is still a fairly "young" blog, and that's really not that many posts, as this blog has been around since January. However, I am still thrilled that I've stuck with it, and am continuing to try new recipes.

As I am relatively new to this cooking business, I have had my fair share of mishaps and whoopies along the way. One of the most memorable was definitely back in August.

Right after Adam and I had somewhat enjoyed the fondue I made in August, we left for a three day weekend to visit my sister. Upong returning, we found that the apartment didn't just smell -- it reeked. Like horrible stinky feet mixed with who knows what. Yet we could not figure out where it was coming from.

We opened up the windows and doors, there was no trash to be taken out as we had done that prior to leaving, but it still smelled. A couple days pass and it still smells. We finally agreed it had to be some chicken scrap or something of the sort in the sink drain. We bought bleach to pour down the drain, which helped a little. But in no time at all, the stench was back.

The following week, it was still smelling, so we figured something had slipped down the tiny crack between the countertop and the oven, as the odor seemed the strongest in that general area. We had to find the source of the stinky feet grossness as both of our parents were coming to visit that coming weekend.

Lo and behold, on Thursday, the day before the parents are going to arrive, I open the microwave to reheat something, and lying there was an open moldy bag of broccoli I had used part of for the fondue. Apparently I had forgotten that I had left the other half of the bag in the microwave to keep warm while we were eating.

So, how to remove such a horrendous, foul-smelling thing from one's microwave?

Step one:
Arm yourself with proper face and hand protection. Ziploc bags and socks work just fine.

Step two:

Transfer moldy object to a plastic bag and tie as fast as possible.

Step three:

Dispose of plastic bag as soon as possible. Wipe down microwave and lysol the entire kitchen, repeatedly.


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