Thursday, August 5, 2010

One more thing about those labels...

I've decided to add one more label to the previous four healthy symbols I talked about in my last post (omg stop already, I know). I've been going through and adding the nutrition facts to my previous posts and I've been coming across a lot of main course meals that are pretty healthy for you, but they're getting left out in the dark as the requirements for labeling are fairly low. Thus, in order to appease those out there looking for a lower calorie entrée I'm going to pull an Applebee's on you. I'm going to mark the main courses that may not technically qualify as "low-calorie" but is what you would expect out of an entrée. Sorry FDA, I don't know too many people who eat 80 calorie main dishes for dinner...

And done. Now go search and enjoy (you start your search simply by clicking the button above)!


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